MITAC Aowanda becomes OCP Inspired

MiTAC Contributes Aowanda Multi-Node Edge Server to OCP as an OCP Inspired™ Platform
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MiTAC Contributes Aowanda Multi-Node Edge Server to OCP as an OCP Inspired™ Platform

Taipei, Taiwan – Apr 22th, 2022 – MiTAC Computing Technology Corp, an industry-leading server and storage solution provider for edge and cloud, today announced to receive OCP Inspired™ recognition on Aowanda multi-node edge server-AD211.

The Aowanda edge server, powered by a single-socket 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor, is compliant with Open Edge 2U chassis specifications that apply with 2U 3nodes configuration. With the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware design, this edge server enables CU and DU hardware solutions to be best suited for next generation 5G NR base stations for fast mobile internet connectivity and wide rages of applications.

MiTAC has been has been consistently delivering excellent OCP solutions for many years as a certified OCP Solution Provider. MiTAC's new OCP Inspired™ Aowanda server is another example of how they are delivering open hardware designs to meet the demands of edge computing. It's exciting to see their portfolio of OCP offerings continue to grow along with their commitment to the Community. - Steve Helvie, VP of Channel for the Open Compute Project (OCP).

"Aowanda edge server is designed for 5G network market, we hope our product contribution enables to encourage more and more players to join and expand the 5G ecosystem," said Danny Hsu, Vice President of Server Infrastructure Business Unit of MiTAC Computing Technology Corporation.

MiTAC continues to expand its 5G O-RAN footprint, with recent milestones including:

  • "As 5G networks continue their rapid evolution to support increasingly dynamic and data-intensive workloads, managing and securing firmware at scale requires a trusted environment with Hyper-intelligent Firmware. AMI is grateful for the opportunity to partner with MiTAC and leverage our decades of firmware development leadership to help address these challenges on the MiTAC Aowanda AD211 Edge Server," said Stefano Righi, Senior Vice President, Global Software and Security Group.
  • As data center environments increase in complexity, AMI's OpenEdition firmware platform on the Aowanda AD211 edge server represents an essential tool for managing the world's compute infrastructure at scale. Working under the NIST NCCoE 5G cybersecurity framework, AMI's platform security solution verifies and secures the Aowanda AD211 edge server's integrity. The AMI solution ensures that system firmware is secure, tested and can be securely upgraded in 5G and data center environments.
  • "Keysight is pleased to support MiTAC with software-centric design and test solutions for verifying scalable and power efficient 5G edge computing platforms used to serve the enterprise sector as well as the telecom industry," said Cao Peng, Vice President and General Manager of Keysight’s wireless group. "Keysight is committed to collaborating with vendors that apply open source and COTS equipment to accelerate the development of energy efficient and cloud-native networking equipment capable of sustainably handling huge volumes of data."
  • Jean-Paul Smets, CEO of Rapid.Space, adds, "Current results based on a simulated radio unit (RU) driver are very promising. We hope to confirm them by March 2022 by connecting Aowanda server to a fronthaul switch over eCPRI."
  • "Amarisoft pure software stack means that, with SimpleRAN, there is no need for FPGAs or proprietary hardware accelerator to deliver the best of 5G vRAN. As a consequence, hardware can be simpler, more compact and consume less power, just like MITAC's Aowanda server," said Franck Spinelli, CEO of Amarisoft.


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