Resilient 4G/5G with ORS

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Rapid.Space Presentation


ORS : Open Radio Station

2T2R • 40 MHz • 2x1W • eNb • gNB • epc • 5GC • IMS • OSS/BSS • MCPTT

LTE • NR • LTE + NR • plug-and-play • edge node

B1 • B2 • B3 • B4 • B5 • B7 • B8 • B10 • B12 • B13 • B20 • B25 • B26 • B30 • B38 • B39 • B40 • B41 • B42 (N78) • B43 (N78) • B48 • B49


Defense (Airbus)

750+ M€ contract


Public Telco Infrastructure (Viettel)

500+ UEs per cell • vRAN OSS/BSS


Jatunapas (Thailand)


REDIMEC as Rapid.Space Local Partner

SDR Card "Made in Wherever"

Analog front-end (AD) • PA • filters • GPS • power supply PoE • supply network


SBC Card "Made in Taiwan" (Intel i5)

SlapOS (OSS/BSS/Edge/Orchestration) • Amarisoft (eNb/gNb/epc/5gc)
re6st (low latency IPv6 feed network)

Interface radio PCI

Open Radio Station Assembly


5G resiliency with ORS and Starlink

Open Radio Station Use Cases

100% software defined 4G/5G

used by 2 out of 5 biggest 5G infrastructure vendors and 1000+ clients

source code available -


To know more


SimpleRAN :

SlapOS :

Amarisoft :

Dream vs. Reality

  SimpleRAN FlexRAN Open RAN Policy Coalition O-RAN Alliance
Lead by Amarisoft and SMBs Intel US govt Telcos
Used by Telcos • Defense • Industry Telcos • Defense • Industry Telcos Telcos
Purpose Build an efficient RAN alternative Increase Intel CPU sales Kill EU/CN vendors Open RU interface
Vendors Multiple Intel Multiple Multiple
CPU Any Intel Usually Intel N/S
HW accelerator No need Yes Usually yes N/S
NDA No need (?) (?) Yes
Sovereignty Yes No Usually no N/S
Performance Carrier grade Sub carrier grade N/S N/S
Legacy RU Supported Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported
Edge cloud SlapOS N/A N/A K8S