ERP5 Express Revolutionizes On Demand Software with Free and Unlimited ERP

Press release for the introduction of ERP5 Express Free Service
  • Last Update:2008-04-14
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Lille, Dakar, Paris, Tokyo, Campos - April 13 2008 - Nexedi, the global leader of open source ERP software has started today the ERP5 Express Free service, a completely free and unlimited hosted ERP solution designed for small companies. ERP5 Express integrates in a single hosted solution Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), CRM (Customer Relation Management) and Knowledge Management (KM).

ERP5 Express service ( is open for subscription to all companies in the world. As part of the beta launch campaign, the first 50 companies that will subscribe to ERP5 Express Free will be provided extended online support during 1 month.

Jean-Paul Smets, CEO of Nexedi, explains: "ERP5 systems are have been already implemented for mission critical applications in central banking, aerospace industry and government where they have a direct impact on the everyday lives of tens of millions of people. ERP5 Express introduces a new vision of ERP5 as the Simple, Free & Universal ERP solution for all companies in the world."

Yoshinori Okuji, CTO of Nexedi, adds "Nexedi achieved a major breakthrough with the ERP5 Wizard technology which is at the technical foundation of the ERP5 Express Free Hosting service. Configuring an ERP is now a question of minutes rather than days or months. This includes configuration of accounting plan, users, roles, and base data."

Thierry Brettnacher, VP Consulting, confirms "ERP5 Express is a perfect choice for small companies looking for an affordable and a fast track solution. It is also the best choice for fast growing companies in looking for an affordable ERP solution capable of seamless evolution. The wide range of professional services available for ERP5 Express covers dedicated hosting, training, help desk, consulting and customization. And for the most successful ERP5 Express users, it is always possible to switch to the high end ERP5 Enterprise solution with no data migration effort."

Jean-Paul Smets, CEO of Nexedi, concludes "We have created ERP5 Express in a true open source spirit. It is free to use during an unlimited period of time and for unlimited number of users. User documentation available online is also free. Professional services are the only paying option to help the most busiest companies become even more successful with ERP5."

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About Nexedi and ERP5

Nexedi has developed and deployed ERP5 for a wide range of industries such as aerospace, apparel, banking, healthcare and government. ERP5 is used in companies of all sizes in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. The open licensing of ERP5 eliminates licensing costs and provides full freedom to update and modify the system as business requirements change without depending on a single vendor.


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